May 17, 2022

Why I disagree with Experts Stress Relief Meditation

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Many meditation experts say that for stress relief meditation, inhale happiness, and exhale out stress. But I feel this process doesn’t work. And the reason is explained below. At the end of this post, I have shared an effective process to relieve stress that I use personally.


 Why expert’s process doesn’t work for me?

We all know that where attention goes energy flows! What we focus on grows!


We can’t stop stress by thinking about it, even by using the word of stress. It is violating the Law of Attraction. As LOA says, “what we think or say we create, what we feel we attract and what we imagine we become”. If it is so, then how can we get relief from stress by thinking or using the word of stress?


At the time of stress relief meditation if I think like I am releasing stress from my mind and body while exhaling, then my focus goes to stress, but not on the releasing. My mind starts to think about stress, creates the images of it, and as a result, I start to feel stress even more.
Ultimately, this process doesn’t work for me.


How does our mind work?

I am giving you an example to make you understand easily how our mind works—— I want you to close your eyes and think about a white cat, see the image of a white cat in your mind’s eye.

What do you see? Can you see the image of a white cat in your mind’s eye? Of course, you do!


Now I ask you to close your eyes again, and this time do not think of a white cat. Remember! You are not thinking about a white cat.


Could you do this again? Pretty hard, isn’t it?


This time you tried not to think of a white cat but your subconscious mind pictures you the white cat— this is how our subconscious mind works. If you give it a word it will show you the image of that word. It

couldn’t differentiate between Do or Don’t. It only works according to your focus. 


If you focus on the bad thing – bad thing increases. If you focus on good – good increases. And this is the reason I don’t apply the process of experts to relieve stress by exhaling (or using the word) stress. 


 Here is My Effective Way to Relieve Stress

Instead, I will suggest you inhale love and exhale peace (while inhaling, think like love is entering into your body, and while exhaling, you are giving your peace out to the whole world or whole Universe). 


What we give out, we get back, and this is the universal law. If you can think of giving peace while you are exhaling, you will get peace in return.


It works miraculous way because you are now thinking about peace only; your focus redirects you to peace. Peace is expanding now. 


It is not necessary to apply love and peace only. You can choose your own words. But be careful, use only positive and effective words (or the opposite of what you don’t want).



Some meditation experts advise us to think like you are releasing the stress out of your body while exhaling. But I don’t feel this is the right way to reduce stress.


As the law of attraction says that think about what you want. Don’t speak, watch, feel, and think about what you don’t want. If you are thinking stress is going out, it means your focus shifts to stress. So, this
will bring you even more stress instead of releasing it.


To do a stress relief meditation, I will suggest you to simply ‘inhale love’ and ‘exhale peace’. And it works effectively. Because, you are now thinking, saying, watching, breathing peace only.


This is necessary to use opposite words of stress while doing stress relief meditation. You can use words like happiness, love, peace, joy, bliss, etc. 



Give it a try and share your thoughts in the comment box; I would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting

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