May 17, 2022

How to Deal Regret

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Regret is always bad for your emotional, mental, and physical health. Regret never do good but it worsens your life.

You may regret because of your past mistakes or past guilt. Remember, when you regret you waste your time and energy again. When you regret you are recalling your past mistake, you are re-imaging your past guilt. As a result, you are bringing more regret into your life. Every time you regret it, you waste your time more and more.

Every moment is a new moment. You are every new moment born again. You can choose who you want to be right now, right at this moment.

Past has gone; it has nothing to do with you. Remember only what you learned in the past. All unnecessary things that cause your unhappiness must be forgettable.

Keep reminding yourself that past regret can never help you but it definitely worsens your life and peace of mind. Whenever you get stuck in the past regret then immediately tell yourself that “every moment is a new momentIt doesn’t matter what I did in the past, who I used to be in the past, I can change it every moment, I can choose who I want to be now. I can choose to do the good thing now and these are all that matter to me”.


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