May 17, 2022




Hi there,

My name is Kakali Debnath. By occupation, I am an agriculturist. By passion, I am a practitioner of Universal Laws, a practitioner of life transformation.

I started this site in March 2020, in the lockdown period. The intention behind starting this blog is described below.

I was wondering with the question, why only a few people are living their dream life? And why most of the people can’t live theirs?


When I ask these questions to the mediocre people around me, they say hard work makes people successful. 

But their answer couldn’t satisfy me. 

Because as I could see, there were road constructors, auto drivers, woodcutters, builders, and many more who work hard but not living their dream life. They live in lack. They don’t get what they want in life. They just settle in less and struggle in their whole life.

If hard work would have the key to success, then they would have been the most successful people in the world. But we get to see the opposite result. We get to see them living in a miserable life.

I want to let you know that I am not a believer in hard work. I didn’t want to live like those hard-working unsuccessful people.

Yes, I love to take action, but I don’t believe that hard work is the key to success. Even I don’t like the word Hard-work since my teenage.

As I saw, most of the successful people were not working hard. I knew from my inside that there is something beyond hard work.

So, I preferred to search for the secret key to success. Because if hard-working can not make all hard workers successful, then it means there will be definitely something else that we don’t know but leads to success.


After analyzing and realizing, I have decided to live my dream life. 


But how could it be possible as I was living an average life in an average place with average people? – Question arises in my mind.

Through study (study the extraordinary and super successful people those are living their dream life) – I have also got this answer from my mind.

See, our mind has the answer to every question. The mind already knows everything. The problem is we don’t ask questions to our minds. As the great motivational speaker Tony Robbin said that “the quality of our life depends on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.”

Let’s get continue the topic. Then I have started to study successful people, the people who are living their dream life. I knew that they know the secret of success.

By studying them (watching their interviews, videos, podcast, reading their books, documentary) I identified there are some Laws in this Universe which they apply to succeed in life.

We all human beings, living and non-living organisms, even every particle in this Universe are governed by these Laws. 

The most popular law I found out is the Law of Attraction.

They say it doesn’t matter whether you believe these laws or not but you always govern by those laws all the time even every moment.

For example, we all know about the Law of Gravitation. It doesn’t matter whether someone believes in the law of gravitation or not. He or she will always gravitate to the earth if jumps from the upside because of the law of gravitation.

My mind agreed with these above statements. Then I have started studying more deeply about the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, the law of vibration, and many more.

As I was studying, learning, and applying those laws, my life started to change dramatically. I have started to get positive results which I was expecting years before. I have started to get closure to my dream life.

When I was getting my desired result, some people called me lucky as they saw me what I wanted, I got. But they didn’t know that I was using the law. I was aligning myself with those laws. 

Many people out there in our world who align unknowingly and others call them lucky.


This is the great knowledge we all need to know. Not just for getting knowledge but to live a life you dreamed.

We all need to learn those laws, that knowledge – to live a successful life, to live a dream life, to get what we want in our life.

So I have decided to share what I learned with others through my blog

My intention in starting this blog is to share the knowledge and experiences with you. Because I believe which transforms my life can also transform yours if you apply them into your life.

I hope you stick around for a while and genuinely hope that the content you discover here resonates with you.


All the best,